Monday, April 8, 2013

New Bathroom Towel Ring

Modern standard designs, the selection boasts ornate describing in a range of traditional surface finishes. Danbury's advanced flourishes, like the Towel Ring add a classic feature and finished style to any blank bath space. Simple to set up and made from high quality equipment , these specialized components were made to last. Before Buying Bathroom Towel Ring Below some point focus on the item.

  • Name of Product : Oil rubbed bronze towel ring oil
  • Dimensions : 10.9 x 7.5 x 2.9 inches
  • Material : bronze
  • Exact Price :  $ 20
  • Warranty : Limited for ex : 2 year
  • Design Shape : Traditional 
  • Color : dark brown

2013 Fireplace mantel shelves designs

Modern Fireplace mantelpiece Shelves Just acquiring a traditional fireplace to maintain in own living room warm is not sufficient. 
You may be seeking forward to display the love of your own family by enhancing the fireplace mantel with family pictures. Shelves task as an highlight piece for the fireplace mantel and you may also use for Christmas decor or for beautifying your living area in a much more festival way through other vacations. Generally, there's two kinds of shelves fireplace. One is open fireplace rack and the some other is fireplace mantel ledge. Wide open shelves are those which are not correct on the top of the mantel, but add a advanced look to the complete decor. While the mantelpiece shelves are more complicated and are a look of the frame of the fireplace. A frame worked fireplace, full with mantel and shelves, matching a specific decor style is absolutely nothing short of a part of art. Nearly all home owners like to wooden work for their fireplace as it makes a region look and bring about a processed charm to the place. Wooden mantelpiece shelves are created from oak, maple and cherry wood. Even so, you may also find other components like brick, marble and mantelpiece for fireplace shelves which can act as a wonderful inclusion to your hearth.